This design requires web designer version 6 or 7. Their are many names for designs created with Xara Web Designer such as Xara Templates, Custom Xara Templates, Xara Themes, Xara Web Designer Templates, Template Web Design and many more names for web design built for those who need an alternative to easily updating their websites or even getting online.  Again if you have any question do not hesitate to contact us we are ready and willing to assist you with any web design or graphic design needs you have. We are dedicated to helping your business or non-profit prosper online in the INTERNET web generation. If you are not able to find a design that fits your needs within our store at simply let us know what your project details are and we can build a custom xara template from ground up to your specifications. The rate for a custom xara template built to your specifications is billed at our standard rates for custom web designs, which is listed at the top of our web page on our website. Non-profit pricing is lower than a commercial business and will help you save some cash and allow you to allocate more of your budget to other important issues. Thanks for checking out our template we appreciate your time taken to evaluate us today. In this category you would place your news or current information about your organization. Our news could be about the new release of the youth project custom Xara Template built for non-profit organizations that need a web design. The benefit of this web design is your organization will have full control over the information added using the Xara Web Designer Software which can be purchased at: If you have any questions you can always contact us via our contact form on our home page at or you can simply use our live chat feature on our website to speak with a representative if available. If you need help with using the Xara Web designer software it is best to contact the creators of the software. They can be contacted at We are not the owners of the software however we are experts at designing custom built web designs for them that harness the power of their software. On our website we have star rating where you can leave a feedback rating on this design. If you could simply take 5 seconds and leave a star rating as an indicator on how we are doing that would be much appreciated. If you really are incline you could even drop by and leave us a comment on the brown shade xara template directly on the web page so other can see what you think of it. In this field you could list your organization awards or accomplishments rather for performance or new collaborations or product or service releases. So about our organization: our mission is to keep producing valuable Xara Templates that help others to maximize efficiency when developing an online presence rather it be to profit, increase marketing exposure or other variables. Another big benefit of this design is that the sections are separated using a small grey stripe color allowing readers to easily see distinction in the type of content you have on your web page. We currently have just helped another company out with a project release using the power of xara web designer and our programming skills to add more functionality. To see one of our very loyal clients website visit: this web design is their first home page design and this is our second project that we have started assisting them with. The design was hand built meeting their design requirements and nothing less. We can build any design you desire just let us know the project details. If you would like to support us this can be done a few different ways such as: Notify to feature us in a newsletter Buy a design from our Xara Template store Write an article and give us a review Add a link to your website so other users can find us Submit feedback using contact form on our website Give feedback by speaking with a live agent on our website Key things that separate us from our competition is we are always studying ways to add more value to our customers. If you are not happy neither are we. Your feedback is absolutely necessary and we do listen and hope to hear from you soon so that we can produce the best web design possible. If you know of resources for web design please don’t hesitate to email us so that we can incorporate that knowledge into our organization. Or if their is a feature you would like to see in our web design also contact us. Again, thank you for taking the time out to evaluate our Xara Template we look forward to working with you to accomplish your goals.