Super Charged with V12 Super Charged with V12 Description This page is used to promote the full list of your products. If you have more than one page worth of products or services simply duplicate the web design page and add more products and make sure to add a link to that additional product page. Description What is an xara template? An xara template is a custom template web design built to work with the Xara Web designer software. To us this design you must purchase the software at: Description If you have any questions about our xara templates you can contact us by visiting our home page at If available at the time you can live chat with one of our representative on our websites by clicking live help button in right upper hand corner. BUY NOW Description At the top of the page right above the navigation menu is a custom modified graphic that extends out of the top of the web design to give it a unique professional Photoshop like feeling. We hope you have fun with using this hand built Xara Template. Description To replace a photo in this design simply drag and drop your photo into document on top of original photo. Or alternatively you can simply right click photo and select replace photo and find the photo on your hard drive that you want to use. Description This web design is made up of a total of 5 web pages and has plenty enough room for you to add anything you can think of to get you started on your web design projects. Description If you have any problems with this design in terms of how it is functioning. Send us an email so we can know to fix any problems presented to you during the usage of this design. Description We do not give any warranty of any kind not implied or expressed or any other type of warranty. Use this design at your own discretion. We believe in the highest quality designs which is why your feedback is absolutely necessary to ensure high value. BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW Price: $1300 Price: $1300 Price: $1300 Price: $1300 BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW Price: $1300 Price: $1300 Price: $1300 Price: $1300