2 Custom Page Layout Utilizes Website Theory Rollovers (navigation menu) Full Page Background Change color easily with named colors Roll-In Menus (Place cursor over purple button to see effect) Slider Photos Green Honeycomb (Logo is located right above products section on navigation bar) Designed for easy readability We are experts at using the Xara Web Designer software and specialize in creating top of the line web design layouts for their advance web design software. If you have advance questions specifically related to the software it is best to first contact them by visiting They will have the most up to date information pertaining to the software at any given time. If you would like to support us consider adding a link back to us by copying and pasting our url onto your website so that other can find us: Thank you for visiting us we look forward to helping you with any web design project needs have a wonderful day. This is where you would place some of your client testimonials or reviews of your product & or  services. If you have any questions or would like to give us an evaluation please don’t hesitate to contact us. This Xara Template includes two custom pages: Home page & Product page The other pages will not work when you click on the links. However you can easily add additional page by duplicating the home page or products page and adding your own content into that specified page. If you need a custom Xara Theme built for your web design project contact us and let us know the details. For custom project designed to your specification we charge our standard custom web design fee. Return to our website for more details: Having multiple reviews can help create a far better response from your user base. In the future for all custom built web design that our clients use we will be requesting feedback and upon receiving information it will be posted on our website so you can see what others have experienced after utilizing our templates or services. If you place your mouse over any of the purple buttons shown above such as investing, marketing, analytics or research a fly in menu will appear. The fly in menu is a special feature that will only be editable through purchasing the latest Xara Web Designer 7 Premium. To use any of our custom xara templates it will be necessary to purchase the software at: They can can assist you with getting the software download.  WEB DESIGNER TEMPLATES FOR PROFESSIONALS OFFICE: 269-779-9720 MOBILE: 269-312-7485 EMAIL: CONTACT@XARATEMPLATE.COM