MOBILE: 269-779-9720 OFFICE: 269-312-7485 EMAIL: CONTACT@XARATEMPLATE.COM SKYPE: MR.SMITH9720 If we are buildling your website you will not need any software we will be able to add your information but fees will apply. If you would like to support us consider adding a link back to us by copying and pasting our url onto your website so that other can find us:  Thank you for visiting us we look forward to helping you with any web design project needs have a wonderful day! This section can be used to add information related to your companies history. This particular Xara Web Template is fully editable that means every graphic can be completey dismantled or changed to users desired taste. Behind this panel is a randomized square texture and a slight shadow effect to make it seems as if this object is literally poping off the page. To separate the content their is a dotted verticle dash line. The bottom footer also has a slight texture that sits on top of it to ensure that their is a consistency thorughout the whole website to have textures.
This section is used to list any relevant rewards that your company or organization has received. The panel above with video has a transparent background allowing you to see thorugh to the beautiful green textured background. The video shown above is also embededd from youtube and can be changed to fit users needs. To purchase this design simply click the “Buy Now” button above and after purchase within 24 hours you will receive a download. However be sure that you have the proper software to open the web designer file. If you are looking for a web design template that is going to make you stand out and look unique this design well surely help you accomplisht that goal. This web design template emphasize a powerful yet calming integration of the color green. The graphic design work that is implemented in this design will immidiately grab the attention of your customer base. This design comes with named colors meaning you can change multiple parts of the design with just a few color options. All green button icons are hand crafted with special texutre effect. Also the background has a multi-variety texuture green combination giving even more life like effect to your web page. This design is estimated to be worth $1500 USD compared to other websites of similiar value and yet it only costs $250 USD making it an ultimate steal for anyone looking for a high-end web design with graphics design already implemented. WEB DESIGNER TEMPLATES FOR PROFESSIONALS OFFICE: 269-779-9720 MOBILE: 269-312-7485 EMAIL: CONTACT@XARATEMPLATE.COM