EMAIL: CONTACT@XARATEMPLATE.COM MOBILE X APPS: Specializing in creating Xara Templates for the xara web designer software. With over 5 years worth of experience we have truly learned the ins and outs of how to make the best web design templates for xara that are possible. What separates us from the competition is we design websites as if it were for our own company and we focus on all aspects that go into a complete web design package such as SEO, Color Theory, Web Theory, Marketing & many other principles. XARA TEMPLATES This Xara Templates design is for application developers rather you develop designs for mobile devices such as Android, Iphone, Ipod or for the PC or Mac or any operating system. This design will help you effectively show your apps off to potential buyers and/or investors. To Buy Xara Templates other than this one click return to main website button in upper left hand corner. We will continually add new Xara Templates to our Xara Templates store so check back regularly or follow us on twitter for updates. If you want to buy xara templates designs that are not offered you can suggest ideas via feedback page on our main website. PH: 269-312-7485 MOBILE X APPS: BUY XARA TEMPLATE $50 USD ONLY $50 USD Xara Template App Flex has been completely re- designed to add a new level of value to our clients. place your cursor over the “Services” and/or “Products” tab in navigation menu and a fly-in menu will appear. The ribbon in upper right hand corner has a more realistic depth utilizing a nicely blended shadow. The App Flex logo has a slightly more highlighted blend of shades of blue. Each section of this Xara Template has a better structure in terms of layout and balance of content placement improving user readability. View All: Created with: