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If you are not able to find a design that fits your needs within our store at simply let us know what your project details are and we can build a custom xara template from ground up to your specifications. The rate for a custom xara template built to your specifications is billed at our standard rates for custom web designs, which is listed at the top of our web page on our website. Non-profit pricing is lower than a commercial business and will help you save some cash and allow you to allocate more of your budget to other important issues. Key things that separate us from our competition is we are always studying ways to add more value to our customers. If you are not happy neither are we. Your feedback is absolutely necessary and we do listen and hope to hear from you soon so that we can produce the best web designs possible. If you know of resources for web design please don’t hesitate to email us so that we can incorporate that knowledge into our organization.
The Youth Agency design is one of our first design that is strictly tailored toward the business user its clean, simple, creative and yet professional. This is a very multi-funcitonal Xara Template it can be use for youth organizations and it can be applied to business oriented business such as a news agency, software company and many other industries. This design has many graphic design elements such as a repeating background in body section that has a diagnoal like square repeating, textured footer, drop down menu “latest news” section that reveals a menu with shadow like effect behind it. At the very bottom of the page their is a youth project agency logo as well. In terms of theory this design uses a z-theory layout to help you easily get the call to action that you want to receive from your clients that visit your website. If you are looking for a high end design at an amazing price this design is surely capable of delivery value for many years to come. Our contact information is below in the footer. If you need to contact our staff simply call one of theh listed phone numbers or use the contact email to reach us. Our hours are usually 8am -8pm (mon - sat.) however our hours are subject to change so for the most up-to- date information always contact a representative for the latest hours of operation. All elements in this design can be updated or changed to clients taste such as pictures. text etc..
The incredible thing about this design is it also can be modified to have colors that fit with your organization. Simply use one of the named colors with the Xara Web Designer 11 premium software and it will change all associated colors for that theme color. With the name colors it will speed up your development process and design process. All pages are also the full-width of the browser allowing you to efficiently use all space that is available to display your information to clients. This design has an easy reability factor as well allowing you to read most information with ease. This design currently retails at $25 USD, it is one amazing design at one amazing price. This design is easily worth more but we believe in giving our clients lots of value where ever we can. Many days and hours of creativity has went into making Youth Project Agency Xara Template one of our best template releases.