In this part of the Xara Template you would write a brief description of why someone would want to visit Hong Kong. Basically list the benefits of what it has to offer to possible visitors. This section of the Xara Theme can be used to add any relevant content about a particular place of travel. This Xara Template is hand built with a custom tab effect designed from ground up to allow you to add more content without using a lot of screen space. For each tab you can add information about a particular subject. For example if you click on Beijing Tab you would have information relevant to Beijing on the Beijing Tab. I this section of the Xara website template you would write an overview as a whole of what Hong Kong has to offer to visitors. For example maybe they have restaurants that serve special dishes only once a year that you could try when you visit on certain day. It Is recommend that you have Xara Web Designer Version 7 to take full advantage of features presented in this web design. This design is a 2 page Design layout. If needed at our standard Custom Xara Template rate we can design additional pages for your website. Welcome to Travel Agent the place where you find out where to travel and get the most for your money. If traveling is something you enjoy then get ready to learn from expert travelers who can tell you where you will have the greatest vacation. To Buy This template either click the “add to cart” button or click return to website button and buy on our main website. By Default the only two pages that are active are the “Home” page & “Products” page. However additional pages can easily be added to this Xara Template using the Xara Web Designer software.