Fantastic Burger PRONTO BURGER NEW! $7.99 $40 USD Marinated in homemade Alfredo sauce with shrimp, spaghetti, Parmesan cheese and various spices to bring out Italian experience. The star shapes to the right in this Xara Template is a space for you to write the pricing of your meals for your restaurant. Use each of these sections with Xara Template to give quick snapshot of what meal includes. similar to first example at top of menu. PHONE: 269-312-7485 Use this section of the Pronto Burger Xara Template to give a brief summary about your restaurant business. The Pronto Burger Restaurant Template in very few words is simply luxury at its best. The navigation menu is elegant and smooth with a soft light effect expose the tight knit texture giving a soft life like effect to navigation experience. Top things off when you place cursor over any “home”, “product” and so on their will be a soft accented lighting effect adding to the quality and feel of the website template.