If your waist is out of balance then your shot will not be as accurate. Having a good posture is one of the fundamentals to becoming a great gofler and it helps to avoid injuries
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Use each sections of this Xara Template to highlight important areas of playing golf. Click on plus buttons to show highlights on the golfer.
Practice Swinging:
Good Stance
We recommend that you practice your swinging  technique everyday. In fact you should average a total of at least 1000 swings per day if you want to one day reach a professional level performance.
Having a good stance is important as well. Depending on if you are going for a long shot or short shot you will want to adjust your stance width accordingly.
Champion Golf Club
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Champion Golf Course
Give a short description of the golf course that potential clients will get to experience. Tell them what it is that makes your golf course and exciting place to get started.
Membership & Training
This part of the website template is used to talk about your services and training that you have available to prospects. Be sure to give insight about how great your programs will impact their performance.
Transportation Golf Cart
Every part of this golf website template can be modified to fit your needs so don’t feel like you have to use the exact structure that this template comes prepared as.
Balance the waist
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