HAMPTON BURG MANSION 3000 SQ FEET 5 BEDROOMS BUILT IN 2008 3 CAR GARAGE ENERGY EFFICIENT HEATING STONE CREEK RISE Xara Website Templates Xara Web Themes Xara Templates Web Design Templates Template Xara COLUMN HEIGHTS Xara Web Designer 7 Xara Web Designer Custom Xara Templates Xara Custom Website Xara Themes TAYLOR FORTUNE Xara Web Design Xara Template Xara Web Templates Custom Web Design Exceptional Space Template XARA WEBSITE TEMPLATES TAYLOR FORTUNE For this section of the Xara Template place a small description of the property to give the user a small insight to grab their attention before clicking learn more button to find out more information on what the property has to offer. FEATURED REAL ESTATE PROPERTY GET YOUR ADVERTISEMENT FEATURED ON THE FIRST PAGE >> XARA WEB DESIGN XARA TEMPLATES Photos in this Xara Template pop-up to show an enlarged photo. Simply click any photo to the left or right and it will enlarge. Above each photo their is a title indicator to identify who the property comes from in terms of name of company. This Xara Template has a custom built menu bar that turns grey on mouse-over. It also has custom built graphics that represent scotch tape. All learn more buttons are also built by hand and are fully editable. To use this design it is recommend you buy Xara web Design 7 Premium. This Xara Template comes with the house logo that you see as well in the top left hand corner of this web design. It is also fully editable an if you need to change the color or size of it that can be accomplish using the tool bar options in Xara Web Designer. HAMPTON BURG MANSION