Use each of these sections to lead customers to other important information about your business such as news or innovations you have developed in your industry. This is your opportunity to give them a small brief introduction of what information they will see before clicking “logo button” link. HOW CAN OUR WRITING IMPROVE YOUR ROI? ABOUT OUR DRAFT 3 WRITING EXPERTS: WHY GRAMMAR IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Use the “pick solution” box in upper left hand corner of this Xara Template to add links to the most important parts of your website that you want visitors to visit. Also at the very top of this Xara Template their is a section for you to place your logo where it says “Solutions Marketing & Brand Development”. Each of the sections provided can be renamed within Xara Web Designer to fit with your business. For Example if you wanted to you could change “How can our writing improve your ROI” to News by simply using the text tool within Xara Web Designer. It is recommended that you have at least Xara Web Designer 7 Premium or later to take full advantage of this template. We Specialize in designing Xara Templates for the Xara Web Designer Software. This Xara Template was developed for companies with a focus on marketing, writing and/or brand development. If you are in need of a different Xara Template browse our store for numerous Xara Templates by clicking “Return To Website” button at the top of this website. PH: 269-779-9720 Created with: Xara Web Designer