This is a 1 page web design template built to work with the Xara Web Designer Software. However for users who are not familiar with the software we can manage your website for you for the standard custom web design prices shown on our home page. Custom Xara Template: Some users may want to have us build a custom xara template. For a custom Xara Template we again charge standard rate on our home page.   CUSTOM BUILT WEB DESIGN This is usually for those who are not familiar with website design and would like us to manage their design. For a custom built design we charge our standard rate shown on our home page at top of page: Usually this is for users who want to manage their own website using Xara Web Designer Software. This would be the templates shown on our website for sale. We hope that you enjoy this amazing website template for the construction industry. We know that you will admire the anchor the left that seems to come out of the picture shown above and then onto this Grey panel box. The flash show is also include that transitions through the different construction photos. Upon payment you will receive file for both flash slide show and for the website template layout design.   Divided sections using dotted line engraving Usage of Website Theory Full-Width Background Design Utilizes 3 major shades of brown Design Utilizes 3 major shades of brown Photo Roll Over (see about us page) WE BUILD YOUR VISION WHY PICK US?