This part of the Xara Template is reserved for you to add more relevant content about your business. The airplane logo in upper right hand corner can be used as a button to lead to more information about content shown on this piece of paper. Textures are also incorporated throughout this Xara Web Designer template to add more substance to the layout. Where ever you see the airplane logo simply replace it with your logo to have a cohesive brand experience. Also inculded in this Xara Web Designer template is the ribbon shown below which is a nice way to introduce customers to the next section of your website and what kind of content they are about to go into. The value of this template far exceeds the actual cost which is only $85 USD an amazing price! Every element of this Xara Web Designer template is handcrafted. That means if you wanted to change the colors of the clouds, stars and so on you could do so or even rearrange them to your liking. Although this Xara Web Designer template was designed for the airport companies, aviation training and/or other travel companies it can be applied to other businesses as well. For example if you were an artist you could use the illustration layout to lead to your portfolio of work. This Xara Template can be adapted to many uses. Use this Xara Template to impress your customers with a creative full blown illustration integrated into a xara web designer template. This Xara web designer template is jam packed with quality it includes custom roll-overs for certain buttons and a fancy mouse over navigation menu bar. If you are looking to have a xara web designer template that your clients will easily remember then use this Xara web designer template to wow your customers over and over again. This part of the Xara Web Designer Template is used to write about some of your accomplishments and why other companies, individuals or organiztions have choosen to do business with you. To the far left is a compass you could put a awards symbol their for any recognitions that you have recieved for oustanding performance. To the bottom right of this paper is a ribbon like button with airplane that can be used to lead customer to another page with more content if necessary. A slight textured pattern is added to the back of this paper to make it look a little more realistic.
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